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In 1987, a group of friends having different background and various hobbies (mountaining, traveling, reading, ...), aware of the unique characteristic of Mont-Perdu site, wrote down the first draft and sent it to the Department of Environment.

In 1992, they set up the "Mont-Perdu Patrimoine Mondial" association (MPPM), and already organised international meetings about environment, tourism, nature protection and long term local economy.

At the same time, they started to keep informed the local dwellers, the elected members and administrations. In addition, all kind of cultural and scientific information were gathered together in order to write a sizeable document to support the official request.

As early as 1993, the French national park of western Pyrenees, began to support the association logistic before its Spanish counterpart reacts. From there, it was used as a connection between the MPPM association free action and the State Departments in charge of the presentation to UNESCO.

A first draft regarding the natural landscape was written in 1995 and sent to the Worldwide Heritage committee. This premature action had to be redone one year later with the necessary Spanish agreement.

At the beginning of 1996, UICN experts went to visit the field under the MPPM association escort. In addition of the natural characteristic of these cross-border mountain landscapes, they found a great interest for their cultural and historical aspects.

One full year would still be necessary to tackle the last obstacles (official agreements) and reluctance. But in the meantime, this year was used to prepare the cultural part of the file. The full document was finally addressed to UNESCO in 1997 and the precise boundaries of the site definitively fixed. The ICOMOS expertise was carried out in 1997, still under the MPPM association escort.


Besides the initial goal of getting the Worldwide Heritage certification, the MPPM association supplementary objectives are:
  • to watch the natural landscape balance maintenance as well as the cultural identity preservation, and to promote the local development without disturbing the natural, cultural and scenic values of the site.

  • to make discover the values of this unique area to a large public without disturbing the natural balance with respect to the local population life and development.
The two MPPM association chairmen are mayors from a French and a Spanish village belonging to the Mont-Perdu massif. By agreement, each mayor of the involved villages will get the association leadership one after the other.

The Mont-Perdu region will base its economic development on its unique and authentic character. This historical heritage, now universally recognised, will be the dynamic strength of its destiny. The worldwide recognition of the Mont-Perdu massif reinforces our confidence in the mountain area development


By becoming a member of the MPPM association, you help us to pursue our upcoming work and goals of information and to increase public awareness of our purpose and objectives.

The annual fee is 23 €, that can be paid by check to the order of MPPM association and to be sent to MPPM association secretary or wire transfer (Account n° 123456789)

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Mairie de Gédre F 65120 Gédre
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MPPM Association
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